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Presenting at the Apache Beam Summit


Presenting at the Apache Beam Summit

Every year the Apache Beam community hosts a summit where the community gathers to discuss the latest advances and applications in Apache Beam. Oden uses Apache Beam deployed on top of Google Cloud Dataflow for our real-time data ingestion and transformations so attending it every year has been valuable.

This year we decided to give back and presented three talks covering how we use Apache Beam at Oden today.

From Factory to Cloud: The Path to Beam

Dan Honey provides an overview of how Oden Technologies uses Apache Beam in the Industrial IoT space. Primarily, what changes we’ve implemented this past year to acquire time-series data from factories and how Apache Beam plays a role in our stream and batch processing needs.

Using Beam for Real-time Manufacturing Data Analysis

Jeswanth Yadagani illustrates how a combination of stateless, stateful, and windowed streaming transformations can be used to support arbitrarily complex real-time analysis of manufacturing time-series data.

Leveraging Beam's Batch-Mode for Recoveries and Late-Data Processing

Devon Peticolas shows how to write a Beam application deployable as both a streaming and batch job. And how to leverage that batch deployment for robust batch recoveries and late-data processing for your streaming application.